Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mice and Men (Symbolism)

In the story Of Mice and Men there were many symbols, but the symbol that stood out to me the most was the farm. This farm stood out to me since they kept talking about it, and also since it stood for a lot more than just a farm. It symbolized different things for different people, such as Lennie, George and Candy. It symbolized dreams, happiness, success, peace, and also just a small piece of heaven.
For George it symbolized his small piece of heaven, his dreams and also peace. It symbolized these things because George thought that after they got the farm he would finally be happy and at peace since he wouldn’t have to worry about Lennie getting into any trouble and them losing there jobs. Also, it would make his dreams that he shares with Lennie come true and he would finally have a home.
For Candy the farm symbolized him finally having happiness before he dies, so that he doesn’t have to die with out never achieving anything. Also it would give him his peace to know that he doesn’t have to get fired and not have anywhere to go. As well the farm symbolized the success he would achieve by moving onto this farm.
For Lennie the farm symbolized his happiness, his dreams and a small piece of heaven. It symbolized his dreams because he had a dream to tend rabbits and feed them alfalfa, and that was all he really wanted to do and also all that he could ever remember. Also, the only dream that Lennie ever really had was the dream to live on a farm with George. The farm symbolized a small piece of heaven since that was his last thought before he died.
In conclusion, I feel as though this was one of the more powerful symbols, since it was a symbol to more than one person. Also, the only person who ever really got what the farm was symbolized Lennie. And the only way that he got that was with Death.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mice of Men (10 questions quiz)

1. Can you apply the method of how George killed Lennie?
- Yes, gun violence happens alot in my neighborhood and most of them occur from brutal shootings.

2. Could the killing of Candy's dog happened in your neighborhood?
- Not exactly, like you could kill a dog but I'm sure you would get caught especially by shooting it. But I mean it couldn't happen fully because you wouldn't be able to hide the dog in a ditch.

3. What questions would you ask of Lennie and George's friendship?
- I would relate every question to how much George actually cared about Lennie. He claimed that was almost like a brother to him but would you kill your brother that way, didn't think so.

4. From the information given, can you develop a set of instructions about how to kill a dog?
- No, because not everyone has a ditch that they could bring the dog too and not everyone has enough pride to kill an old man's only family member.

5. What factors would you change if you were the one looking after Lennie?
- I actually wouldn't leave him alone as much as George did. I also wouldn't let him have dogs, mice or near a girl that could get him into any challenging situation.

6. What do you see as other possible outcomes on George killing Lennie?
- Well, as his friend George could have protected Lennie and escaped with him to safety.

7. Can you explained what must have happened after George shot Lennie?
- He headed back to the farm and pretended he wasn't the one who shot Lennie, he had to keep his job.

8. What was the problem with Curly?
- He liked to talk about his wife in order to make the other men laugh, but he didn't like that his wife was so seductive toward the men.

9. How was the killing of a girl similar to Native Son?
- A man both killed the women after thinking they were 'seducing' them.

10. What events could have happened without Lennie killing the mouse?
- He still would have killed the dog and Curly's wife.

Mice of Men (Theme)

Well, there are many themes in 'Of Mice and Men' but I thought the fraternity of brotherhood was the most essential. Now, the fraternity of brotherhood could be broken down into the unite to to work, the unite to kill Candy's dog but if you look truly they united to kill one of their own.

After finding Curly's wife dead, they concluded that the killer was Lennie. They discovered the murderer to be Lennie because he was the last one who saw her and he was the only one out of the 'brotherhood' who didn't come to the rescue. All of the men, included George set out to find Lennie. Lennie had something else up his sleeve though and George was the only one who knew what it was. Lennie was running to the spot near the river where George always told him to meet in case something happened. So off Lennie went and off George followed slightly after and together they finally met. The other men where off on horses with their long rifles. Together they searched but they didn't know about the meeting place. George was the only one who knew.

To protect his 'brotherhood', George had to kill one of his best friends. Some may think that he was keeping the brotherhood by helping Lennie die with one shot instead of being brutally beaten and shot by the other men. The movie ends with the 'brothers' being together again, without their fallen angel Lennie.

Mice and Men (Motifs)

Have you ever met a woman so misjudged to deceive people into thinking she was flirting with them when all she really wanted was a friend? If you did, you could find similarities in that person with Curly's wife. Curly's wife, who the men seem to see as a promiscuous individual, really is only looking for a companionship with someone she could talk to and confide in.

To begin with her corrupting powers, Curly's wife had a seductive appearance. Unlike any other women who would be working on a barn, Curly's wife wears short dresses and skirts the compliment her body enough to show her rear end. Along with her dress, she assets it with accessories such as gleaming jewelry and high heals. Most of the men that work with Curly think of this as a way to attract their attention.

Curly's wife seems as if she's not trying to attract all of the men, she's mostly flirting with george (or maybe she's just friendly!) Curly notices his wife's corruption tearing into George, who hasn't been with a woman in years, and immediately prohibits the men from being alone with his wife. Curly who acts violently towards people who are "littler" then him, picks on Lennie on George's behalf.

After not talking to anyone or being around the workers, Curly's wife is desperate and seeking anybody who would talk to her. One day, alone in the barn, she saw Lennie walking close and knew he could be her target. When Lennie entered she began speaking with him and conniving him into holding a conversation. Knowing the risks, Lennie isn't too fond of the conversation but continues it anyway. After a while, Curly's wife begins to tick Lennie off and he violently grabs her, not aware of the harm he is doing. As she began to scream, he shaked her by her neck, killing her instantly.

As you can tell the motif of the story is the corrupting powers of women during this time. Sometimes a women can throw people off and send several different messages through her body language. Curly's wife is a good example of this.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Service Learning plans for April 25th

Today we are going to work for our school store and work to see if we can get a grant and what we stock in our store's. Then we can see who can work in the store and who is in charge of the store money and supplies. We are also going to pick area where the store is going to be at and so on.

we will see for today.

Service learning Reflection #3

In our service learning to members left the group because they decided that the group is stupid and the leader is to. I probaly agree to because the leader of our group I believe do not know what he is doing and we are getting no where. So we splitted the groups into three, one works on the survival guilde, another works on the school store and my group was to make a grant and letter to Gilder Lerman.

Every one has work to show but not yet shown and observe by the group due to time. We was in the middle quiet reserach and brain storming in the school store group and survival guilde. My group was especially easy because we decided to write a letter first because it was easier and nobody didn't know how to write a grant. Then we went our seperate ways and began to work.

Survival Guilde

School Store

Grant And Letter
Ashlee Kalfasx

Service Plans for April 31st
Our plan is to finish up the letter for Gilder Lerman and try to move on to the grant, if possible with the help Of Ms.Klose. Then we are trying to put all the idea's for the school store together and try to lose all the dumb idea's and add up the amount to see how much it will cost.

The school store can be a possible thing to have because one already exist, its ina nice area and we believe it can be done. Now the survival guilde will take a while because the group is compose of people who plays around to much and Wich I believe to not have any sense of leadership. Our group is sorta distorted and frustrating. So what ever they dont get done we have to or we can chose not to and just laugh!!